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"We manage investments across multiple asset classes" 

Xeno Holdings is a privately held, Hong Kong based, investment company that manages through investment in private equities, venture capital opportunities and real estate, with the goal of effectively growing wealth and creating new value. 

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Private Equity
/Direct Venture Capital

We invest in companies  based on solid fundamentals that are building their essence foundation in emerging or unexplored markets, who need capital and resourcing to take their next step towards building new growth engines.

Hedge Funds/PEF

We seek opportunities to invest in Hedge Funds or Private Equity Funds to effectively operate liquid assets.

Real Estate

We invest in diverse real estate assets that have potential value across the globe.

Other Assets

We invest in other assets including Commodities, ETFs, and Digital Crypto- Assets, etc. 


"Our mission is not just to maximize profits. Our ultimate goal is to realize the positive role of finance and create social value through appropriate investments where capital is needed."

We, as an investment company, take social responsibility with great care. We hope that our investments will contribute appropriately to companies with valuable technology or future value that will help society as a whole.  Through investment, we believe that we enable technology that was previously thought was impossible to make possible, encourage everyone to share and enjoy new value, and move the world forward in a better direction. Our firm's philosophy of investment will ultimately benefit people's lives.

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